Spring House Membership Terms and Conditions

We would like to inform you about some important terms and conditions. Please thoroughly read this overview and the complete terms and conditions.

* The minimum duration of the membership is one year. 

* After one year the membership will become a membership for an indefinite period of time. 

* Each party may terminate this agreement against the end of the term and 
thereafter against the end of a month, provided such party does so in writing 
and such party observes a notice period of one (1) month. 

* Members must check in upon entering and out upon leaving the building. 
Members shall comply with Spring House’s designated system to do so. 

* Meeting rooms can be reserved on the members platform members.springhouse.nl. The costs for renting the 
spaces and other costs, if any, will be charged monthly and detailed in the monthly invoice.
* Members can make use of the printers. A small fee will be charged for A3 and color prints. These costs will be charged monthly and detailed in the monthly invoice.
* Scans are available free of charge. 

* Members can invite guests to Spring House for short meetings. A maximum 
of three guests may visit at one time, with a maximum of four hours per guest per visit.
* Only food and drink purchased at the restaurant may be consumed in the restaurant. Members may consume their own food and drinks in all other areas of the building (except during events where catering is provided). 

* The membership fee and additional costs must be paid by direct debit. 

* The restaurant on the ground floor is Spring House’s exclusive caterer, should 
catering services be required. the costs are paid directly to the caterer.

*All prices listed exclude VAT.



1. These terms and conditions apply to all agreements between Spring House B.V. with offices in Amsterdam, the Netherlands (hereinafter: ‘Spring House’) and a person or legal entity regarding Spring House’s services (hereinafter: ‘the member’). 

2. The validity of any (general) terms and conditions set by the member is hereby expressly excluded. 


1. The member has access to the Spring House 
premises located at the De Ruyterkade 128 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. the member has such further rights as detailed in the respective membership documentation. 

2. The premises may only be used by the member for the operation of his business as detailed in the application form. 

3. Members are allowed to invite guests to Spring House for short meetings. members must register their guests in advance at the reception of Spring House. The maximum is three guests per visit and four hours per guest per visit per day.
4. As a member you are not entitled to a permanent workspace in the house, with exception of members with an additional Fixed deal. 

5. At any time, Spring House is entitled to attribute (parts of) the building to specific members. 

6. Spring House is closed on certain public holidays. The respective dates are published on the community platform (https://members.springhouse.nl/help_desk).
7. Spring House is entitled to change the opening hours of the Spring House premises and other details of their services. 
Members will be notified about significant changes.


1. Members are entitled to unlimited use of free, encrypted wireless internet access (connected 
to the internet via a fiber optic connection for the whole venue). Spring House will strive to provide reasonable bandwidth to all members and guests. Availability of bandwidth is always subject to the number of members online and the type of bandwidth usage. 

Spring House will undertake reasonable efforts to provide uninterrupted internet access at a reasonable speed. However Spring House cannot provide full tech support for its members. Spring House will support members and guest with connecting to the wireless network. The member must take all security measures that he or she considers necessary, such as encryption. The member is fully responsible for the security of the codes and other access information Spring House provides the member with and any and all use made with such codes and/or information. Spring House is not liable for any damages that may arise from the use of the Spring House internet (notably wireless internet).
2. The membership further includes access to the restaurant in the Spring House building. The restaurant is open during office hours: it functions as a flexible work space between 8am and 5pm. Members can purchase beverages and lunch with said restaurant. Bringing food and drinks from outside and consuming them in the restaurant on the ground floor is prohibited. The restaurant on the premises will be Spring House’s exclusive caterer, should catering services be required. The member orders with and pays directly to the restaurant.
3. Spring House provides printing and scanning services to the members. Black-and-white A4 prints and scans against no costs, colour and A3 prints at a cost. The costs incurred are charged monthly and detailed in the monthly invoice.
4. Members can make use of a locker for €15 per month. This service is included in the additional smart and fixed member deals. The lockers can be accessed during opening hours.
5. Members can sign up for postal service for €30 per month. This service is included in the additional smart and fixed member deals.


1. Members may reserve meeting rooms and workshop spaces in the Spring House building at the rates published on the community platform (www.members.springhouse.nl). Reservations will be processed on a first come first serve basis. The costs of meeting rooms and workshop spaces will be charged and detailed in a monthly invoice. Or, if otherwise agreed with the event manager, through a direct invoice.


1. During office hours, the Spring House services, as detailed herein, will be provided when and if available. Spring House will endeavour to supply the required services when requested, but shall not be liable for any damages that may arise from the temporary unavailability of one or more of the Spring House services.
2. Spring House is not liable for any other damages suffered by a member as a result of the use of the services provided, such as but not limited to damage through theft (to avoid misunderstanding also to include theft out of the lockers), damage and/or loss.


1. The member may operate its business on the premises under the member’s trade name.
2. Advertising signs on the door and/or facade of the Spring House location or at any other visible location within or outside the Spring House building is not permitted.

3. The member may use the trade name “Spring House” in his marketing material as a physical visiting address. Any other use requires prior written consent of Spring House.


1. The member will not cause damage to the house or its furnishings and/or any other parts of the building in any way. The member is liable for any damage caused by the member or any guests of the member. 

2. The member may not bring furniture to the house without the prior consent of Spring House. 

3. The member may not create private networks or install networking devices without the prior consent of Spring House. 

4. The member will comply with the applicable House rules at any time. The member will also inform all guests of the House rules and is fully responsible for their compliance with said rules. 
The house rules are published here: http://bit.ly/sh-houserules and are updated from time to time.
5. The member and the member’s guests will comply with all laws and regulations that apply to him/her and his/her business operation. The member will use the services in accordance with the House rules and without impeding others. 

6. The member will be adequately insured against civil liability (Wettelijke Aansprakelijkheid). 

7. Members must check in upon entering; and out upon leaving the building. members shall comply with Spring House’s designated system to do so. 


1. Spring House is entitled at any time to have inspections, tests, repairs, other routine tasks, cleaning or maintenance carried out in the building. 

2. Spring House will keep the business details of the member that will become known to Spring House confidential. 

3. If, during the agreement, Spring House is inaccessible due to factors over which the organization has control for a period of two weeks or longer, Spring House is not liable nor may Spring House be held liable for this. However, in this case the member is entitled to terminate the agreement with immediate effect without being held liable for damages. If the member does not terminate the agreement with immediate effect, the obligations of the two parties are suspended until Spring House is once more accessible. 

4. Spring House is entitled to suspend the provision of space services (including access to the house) in circumstances beyond Spring House’s reasonable control, in which case payment of the due fee by the member will be suspended without entitling either party to claim damages. in the event such suspension will continue for a period of three months, each party shall be entitled to terminate this agreement with immediate effect without being liable for damages.


1. Spring House is entitled to process the personal data of the member as far as is necessary in order to execute the agreement. Spring House may further, inter alia, use personal data to inform the member of its services.
2. The Spring House privacy policy as published on the Spring House website applies.


1. The member shall pay the membership fee, including VAT, upfront yearly through an invoice. The member will pay the member deal fee upfront monthly through an invoice.
2. For every unpaid invoice Spring House is entitled to charge an administrative. In the case of consecutive reversals, Spring House is entitled to terminate the agreement immediately, without being liable for damages and without limiting in any way Spring House’s other rights and remedies such as the right to claim payment with the member. Enquiries concerning the invoiced amounts do not suspend the member’s payment obligation.
3. In case the member fails to (timely) comply with any obligation in the agreement, Spring House is entitled to deny the member acces to the house and/or charge an administrative charge.
4. The fee for membership may be raised in Spring House’s sole discretion every 1st of January from the start date of the agreement by a percent- age equivalent to the annual increase of the (Dutch) consumer price index ‘employees low’ (2015=100), as published by Statistics nether- lands (cBS) plus 2% or any lesser amount.
5. All amounts are exclusive of VAT unless expressly stated otherwise.


1. If the Agreement between Spring House and the owner of the building ends, the agreement with the member terminates simultaneously and automatically, without Spring House becoming liable for damages.

2. Without prejudice to the other rights and remedies of Spring House, Spring House is entitled to terminate the agreement if the Member:
* Does not pay the membership fee timely; and/or * Fails to observe any other obligation in the Agreement and or these terms and conditions, and does not remedy this within a set reasonable term following notice from Spring House; and/or
* The member’s guests or others present in the house with the authorization of the Member, do not use the house in accordance with the House Rules, or use it in any other unacceptable way, entirely at the discretion of the Spring House to judge; and/or
* Suspends his/her operations in full or to a significant extent;
* Requests and/or obtains suspension of payment, is declared bankrupt or goes into receivership; and/or
* Dies;
3. Spring House is furthermore entitled to terminate the Agreement with immediate effect, through a written notice, if Spring House is, for any reason, unable to provide access to the house. In that case, the member shall remain obliged to satisfy the agreed fee including the fees for Additional Spring House services up to the day that the Agreement terminates/is terminated, minus the membership fee already paid for the period after the termination date and the deposit paid by the member. in case this results in a situation where the membership fees already paid plus the deposit exceed the amount due, Spring House is obliged to immediately refund the surplus.


1. Without prejudice to the law and other stipulations herein, the member is liable for any damage arising from the unauthorized use of Spring House’s premises and services. 

2. The member indemnifies Spring House against any third party demands and/or claims, including but not limited to persons allowed into the house by the member, the member’s staff and other persons for whom the member must be considered responsible. in addition, the member holds Spring House harmless against any fines imposed on Spring House as the result of the behavior or negligence of the member and/or persons given access to Spring House by the member. 

3. The member is obliged to notify Spring House immediately if damage occurs to or in the Spring House building or if there is a danger of this occurring. 


1. All liability on the part of Spring House, arising from or in connection to an attributable default, other shortcoming or tort and/or based on any other legal grounds, is hereby ruled out.
2. Without prejudice to the first part of this article, Spring House is not liable for damages to the person or goods belonging to the member or third parties granted access by the member to the house. This includes damage which may result from visible or invisible shortcomings in the building or parts of it, weather conditions, stagnation in the accessibility of spaces, stagnation in gas, water, electricity, heat ventilation or conditioning facilities, malfunctions of systems and equipment, the in- and outflow of gases or fluids, fire, explosion and other incidents, with the sole exception of cases of intent or gross negligence on the part of the responsible management of Spring House.
3. Spring House is also not liable for any damage to the member or his/her business, whatever the cause, including damage arising from the activities of the other members/users/clients of Spring House or from restrictions in the use of the house whether caused by third parties or not.
4. Insofar as Spring House may not invoke the exclusion of liability as set in these terms and conditions, its liability is limited to the maximum amount paid up until then by the member to Spring House in the scope of the Agreement, to a maximum of the fees received by Spring House for one year.
5. Spring House shall not be liable in any way whatsoever for indirect damage suffered by the member, including consequential loss, lost sales, unrealized profit, missed savings, loss or damage of data or damage as a result of interruption of company operations.


1. Amendments and/or additions to the Agreement and these terms and conditions can only be agreed upon in writing.

2. The member is not permitted to transfer his/her entitlements and/or obligations relating to and arising from the Agreement including these terms and conditions to third parties at any time.
3. In all cases in which Spring House issues a notice, proof of default or summons to the member, or in the case of procedures against the member intended to enforce the compliance with the Agreement, the member is liable for any extrajudicial costs and actual legal (collection) costs incurred by Spring House.
4. Spring House shall be entitled to change the terms and conditions. Should those changes be materially detrimental to the member’s rights and/or obligations, the member shall be entitled to notify Spring House within four weeks of being informed of such changes, that the member does not accept the new terms and conditions. During four weeks after the reception of such notice, Spring House shall be entitled to either continue the agreement with the member under the unchanged terms and conditions or to inform the member that such member shall be entitled to terminate the agreement without observing a notice period. In the event Spring House does not notify a member timely such member shall be entitled to terminate the Agreement forthwith.
5. All notifications and announcements made must be in writing or per e-mail. The invoice address of the member is valid as the address of the member and the address given on the Agreement as the address of Spring House. 

6. During the agreement and five years after its end, a party will keep confidential all information of a clearly confidential nature regarding the other party that they receive in connection with the execution of the agreement. Moreover, Spring House shall keep all information on the business of the member that comes to Spring House’s knowledge when executing the agreement, confidential. The parties are not obliged to keep any information confidential in the event such information is already in the public domain or in the event the disclosure of such information is required by a court or law.
7. If a part of the Agreement is or these terms and conditions are void or reversed, this does not affect the validity of the remainder of the Agreement or these terms and conditions. Instead of the void or reversed part, that which comes the closest to that which would have been agreed by the parties had they been aware of the invalidity or reversal shall apply as agreed.
8. The Agreement and these terms and conditions including any attachments are subject exclusively to Dutch law. Any disputes arising from the Agreement, these terms and conditions and any other attachments will be submitted to the competent court in Amsterdam.

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